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          The Texas Process Servers Association is a not-for-profit business/trade organization whose sole purpose is to promote, upgrade, and perpetuate the process serving profession through legislation, education, and relationships with the legal community and the general public.   Through legislation, the Association supports and promotes laws and rules that will advance the profession, as well as opposing and combating legislation which may harm the profession.  TPSA promotes and maintains professional and ethical standards in the process service industry.  One of the main goals of the Texas Process Servers Association is to improve relations between process servers, the legal community, and the general public by responsibly and professionally executing service of citations, summons, and other notices from the courts; an integral part of the Judicial System that brings parties in a law suit under jurisdiction of a particular court for a particular purpose.

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The board encourages and invites ALL TPSA Members to call and listen in on our teleconferenced MONTHLY Board Meetings!  At the end of each meeting, the board will open the floor for member comments and feedback.  We feel this is a great way for members to hear what the board is doing, what the committees are planning, and what members can do to help.

The dial-in telephone number and conference code will be emailed out to all members prior to the teleconference meetings, or you can click here.

If you miss the teleconference, check back in the Members Only section of the website for published minutes from the meetings.  Also, check out the new Member Suggestions & Ideas links within the Members Only section of the site.  You must be a member AND logged in to have access!

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